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How to create and edit the 'collection' content type on GOV.WALES.

First published:
15 January 2020
Last updated:

When to use

Before you create or edit content, you need to read and understand:

You should also have a version of the content ready for publication.

Use a collection to fulfil a user need to find a group of content based on something other than topic. For example:

You can add content to more than one collection.

Do not create a collection:

  • in place of a sub-topic, sub-topics are our primary way of grouping content
  • for content that users do not need, or would not expect to find together
  • in place of a records management system
  • for a single publication

How to create

Contact the Corporate Digital Team to create a collection. Once created, you can edit and add content to it.  

Edit an existing collection

  1. Log in to GOV.WALES and LLYW.CYMRU.
  2. Find the existing collection either by browsing the public site or select Workbench then All recent content. You must do this on GOV.WALES as the English content must be edited first.
  3. Open the collection.
  4. Select EDIT DRAFT or NEW DRAFT.
  5. If necessary, edit the Title field.
  6. If necessary, edit the Summary field.
  7. Select Add Collection Section and add a heading.
  8. Start typing the name of the page that you want to link to in the box under NODES WITH OVERRIDE.
  9. Select the correct page from the drop down list.
  10. If you want to use an alternative title for the page in the collection, type this in the Custom text box. 
  11. Repeat steps 7 to 9 for additional pages in the collection. 
  12. To add a new subheading use Add Collection Section  and repeat steps 7 to 9.
  13. Tag to relevant Topics.
  14. If content is from or about an organisation complete EXTERNAL ORGANISATIONS.
  15. Add a Review Date.
  16. Complete Revision log message (all languages) with brief summary of changes.
  17. Select Save and Create New Draft.
  18. To add the Welsh content, select TRANSLATE.
  19. Select Add from row labelled Welsh.
  20. Update fields with Welsh language content.
  21. To save changes without making them public select Save and Create New Draft (this translation). To save and make changes public select Save and publish (this translation).
  22. Publish the Welsh and the English and check both languages, for example layout is correct and links work.

Components available

Lists which components are available and how to use them if they are allowed.

Paragraphs: add collection section

You must use the collection section to link to content that you are grouping together. 

Paragraphs: content

You should not need to use content paragraphs in collections. Provide context using the:

  • page title
  • page summary
  • section titles
  • section summaries

Paragraphs: accordion

Do not use the accordion paragraph in collections.

Paragraphs: related links

Do not use the related links paragraph in collections.

Paragraphs: call out message

Do not use the call out message in collections.

Paragraphs: contact details

Follow the contact details definition to add contact information, for example a telephone number.

Internal links (node)

Use to link to around 5 pages directly related to the user needs being met by the collection.

Internal links (terms)

Avoid using internal links (terms). These links are to topics and usually the most relevant topic is already found by the breadcrumb.

External links

Follow the sidebar links definition to link to content directly related to the user needs met by your content.