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The second of three phases of the evaluation reviews the delivery of the programme and the outcomes to date.

The Welsh Government’s Digital Communities Wales: Digital Confidence, Health and Well-being programme aims to work with organisations to support citizens and staff to become digitally confident, with a focus on being able to manage and access vital health services.

The evaluation is being undertaken across three key stages to include this second report, an Interim Process and Outcome Evaluation.

The key aims of this stage of the evaluation are to:

  • review and summarise existing evidence around the relationship between digital inclusion and health
  • review the effectiveness and efficiency of the delivery of the programme
  • assess the extent to which the programme aims have been achieved and targets met
  • provide evidence of the outcomes of the programme for individuals and the services they access

There are six key themes to the findings from this stage:

  1. Programme rationale.
  2. Progress made by the programme.
  3. Progress made by the Digital Inclusion Alliance Wales.
  4. Engagement with partner organisations.
  5. Experience of supported organisations.
  6. Future priorities.

The evaluation offers nine recommendations for the Welsh Government to consider for the programme.


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