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Take and send geotagged photos for Small Grants - Efficiency scheme.

First published:
20 April 2023
Last updated:

How to take geotagged photographs

For full details of:

  • what a geotagged photograph is, and
  • how to take one

please see: Rural grants and payments: geotagged photo guidance.

Small Grants - Efficiency requirements

On submission of the claim, the geotagged photographs should evidence the following:

  • item in situ and operational
  • serial number, where applicable

For items such as a borehole, take geotagged photographs at the installation stage.

Photographs need to clearly show the item’s location.

Where photographs are submitted that do not provide a clear picture of the item, the claim may be rejected. It is your responsibility to provide enough evidence. The evidence must show that the item purchased meets the minimum specification.

Failure to provide enough evidence may delay or prevent payment.

You will need to upload your geotagged photographs to RPW Online. We will check the items included in your contract meet the minimum specification. This is to validate your claim.

Help and support

If you have any further issues, please contact the RPW Customer Contact Centre.