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Take and send geotagged photos for Small Grants - Woodland Creation scheme.

First published:
20 April 2023
Last updated:

How to take geotagged photographs

For full details of:

  • what a geotagged photograph is, and
  • how to take one

please see: Rural grants and payments: geotagged photo guidance.

Small Grants - Woodland Creation requirements

You must take photographs both before and after your Small Grants - Woodland Creation capital works. All photographs must be geotagged photographs.

You must take before photographs once the contract has been signed. These must clearly show the ‘baseline condition’ of the proposed location before the works are started. You may need to take many photographs to show the extent of the proposed site.

You must take after photographs from the same location. These must clearly show the completed main capital works. You may need to take many photographs to show completion.

We also need geotagged photographs of newly installed supporting capital works items. For example, gates or fencing.

It does not matter whether the photographs are portrait or landscape. You must include all relevant information.

It is your responsibility to provide enough evidence that the investment or required management has taken place. Failure to provide enough evidence may delay or stop payment.

Wherever possible, photographs should also include: 

  • a significant feature to provide authenticity. For example, a ditch, fence, farm building, road or telegraph pole
  • a sighting pole (2 m high with 50cm intervals marked in red and white) or other item to show scale like a quad bike or vehicle

You will need to upload your geotagged photographs to RPW Online. We will check that the capital works have been completed in the correct area as specified in the contract.

Help and support

If you have any further issues, please contact the RPW Customer Contact Centre.