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Take and send geotagged photos for Small Grants - Yard Coverings scheme.

First published:
20 April 2023
Last updated:

How to take geotagged photographs

For full details of:

  • what a geotagged photograph is, and
  • how to take one

please see: Rural grants and payments: geotagged photo guidance.

Small Grants - Yard Coverings requirements

On submission of the claim, the geotagged photographs should evidence:

  • a new roof cover
  • the relation of the area to neighbouring permanent structures
  • the outlet and flow for diverted rain water
  • the outlet or method of collecting slurry from covered area and route to storage tank or store
  • the location of the slurry store or reception pit
  • the installation of supportive items, except for slurry analysis kits

If you are claiming for supportive items that are in more than one location you will need to submit photographs showing each location.

For primary items (roofing) a minimum of four photographs is required for the new roof taken from different angles. Where location allows, from a North, South, East and West direction.

Photographs need to clearly show location, use and, if appropriate, flooring. If the floor is covered in slurry or manure, the appropriate area needs to be washed before taking geotagged photographs. The claim may be rejected where photographs do not provide a clear picture of the area.

You must take after photographs from the same location. You must clearly show the completed main and all supportive capital works, except slurry analysis kits. If you are installing any below ground items, these should be geotag photographed before they are covered over. You may need to take many photographs to show completion.

It does not matter whether the photographs are portrait or landscape. You must include all relevant information.

It is your responsibility to provide enough evidence that the investment or required management has taken place. Failure to provide enough evidence may delay or stop payment.

Wherever possible, photographs should also include a significant feature to provide authenticity. For example a ditch, fence or farm building.

You will need to upload your before photographs to RPW Online as part of your Yard Coverings EOI. We will check these to verify your eligibility for selection.

You will need to upload your after photographs to RPW Online with your claim. We will check that the capital works are completed in the correct location as specified in the contract. We will also check that the details are correct to validate your claim.

Help and support

If you have any further issues, please contact the RPW Customer Contact Centre.