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Recommendation 1

Careers Wales should develop systems and appropriate criteria to evaluate the impact that services have on the effectiveness and resilience of young people’s career planning and decision-making.

Welsh Government response:

Welsh Government are supporting Careers Wales to explore a more longitudinal approach to evaluating their service delivery in line with the aspirations contained within the Brighter Futures strategy.

Recommendation 2

Careers Wales should ensure that effective evaluation, based on accurate, comprehensive and relevant evidence, informs strategic planning and quality improvement.

Welsh Government response:

Welsh Government will work closely with Careers Wales to take forward this recommendation taking advice from Public Bodies Unit on best practice.

Recommendation 3

Careers Wales should strengthen links with other careers companies to improve opportunities for professional learning and developing good practice.

Welsh Government response:

There are already very strong links with Careers companies across the UK. There have been a number of collaborative projects undertaken with Skills Development Scotland and work is under way with colleagues in Canada on research into the benefits of Careers guidance on the health and well-being of young people. This work will continue and will be supported by Welsh Government.

Recommendation 4

Careers Wales should ensure that analysis from quality assurance activities is fed back to individual schools to strengthen careers and work-related education.

Welsh Government response:

Careers and the world of work-related education is part of the new Curriculum for Wales and the responsibility for delivery of that programme of work lies with schools. Careers Wales will continue to work closely with schools to ensure that learners understand the value of employer engagement activity that they undertake.

Recommendation 5

Careers Wales should ensure that all staff promote young people’s awareness of the value of the Welsh language as an employment skill.

Welsh Government response:

Welsh Government will work with Careers Wales on this recommendation. Careers Wales have a fully bilingual policy to provide services to customers in the language of their choice, all media and publications are provided to customers in both Welsh and English.

Recommendation 6

Careers Wales should ensure that all staff understand the company’s arrangements and procedures for the safeguarding of young people, including the identity of the Careers Wales designated safeguarding person.

Welsh Government response:

Welsh Government will discuss this with the board of Careers Wales. This is an operational matter for Careers Wales.