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An update on our Land Transaction Tax (LTT) system, guidance, and events for tax professionals.

First published:
30 June 2020
Last updated:

Your LTT dashboard is changing

From 23 July 2020, your LTT dashboard will be changing. We’ve reduced the number of returns you’ll see to maintain system performance and keep information secure.

You’ll have access to the last 150 LTT returns you have submitted or voided. Your drafts will remain for an unlimited amount of time.

Any amendment or reclaim of the higher rate of LTT will be included in the latest 150 returns.

Easier to add new users

From 23 July 2020, your LTT online administrators will be able to activate and deactivate users to your organisation’s account. We’ll update our registration guidance to reflect the new process on 23 July 2020.

Here’s a quick video showing the changes and how the system will look.

Your LTT online administrator will also be able to upgrade users to administrators. This means that your organisation will be able to have more than one administrator.

From this date, LTT online administrators will see a list of users registered for their organisation. They’ll need to maintain an up to date user list by deactivating or activating accounts when colleagues leave or join the organisation.

If your LTT online administrator has left your organisation please contact us so we can help you set one up.

Webinar on Multiple Dwellings Relief 

You told us you want more guidance on Multiple Dwellings Relief (MDR) so we’re holding a webinar on 7 July 2020. Register for webinar

This webinar will be in English. To request webinars in Welsh please email:

We're also receiving amendments to returns already filed to claim MDR. To help ensure LTT returns are filed accurately we’ve updated the key terms and definitions section of our MDR guidance linking to new and improved guidance on subsidiary dwelling exception.

We’ve also created a short video:

For any queries on whether MDR is applicable, please contact our helpdesk or ask for a tax opinion.

Guidance on mixed use property

Last year we published new guidance to help differentiate between land that’s garden or grounds of a house, and non-residential land. We continue to receive returns where it’s possible that property is incorrectly described as mixed use.

If having read our guidance you’re unsure whether the land is residential or mixed use you can contact our helpdesk for further support, or you may be able to request a tax opinion.

Service update in response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our online services are largely unaffected by coronavirus (COVID-19). We’ve had to adapt some of our services and the way we operate. See full details at our service update in response to coronavirus (COVID-19).


Our helpdesk service is open to calls Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm, to support any queries. Our helpline number is 03000 254 000.

You can also use our online contact form.

Help to complete your return:

  • We get some amendment requests where the effective date is wrong. You can leave the effective and contract dates blank or enter a future date when you draft the return. You’ll need to go back and enter the correct dates before submitting.
  • When you pay LTT, please make sure your bank reference is just the 12 digit unique transaction reference number, with no other numbers, spaces or references before it. This will allow us to automatically match this payment with the return and we won’t need to contact you.
  • To save your LTT return electronically as a PDF, you can select the print button and use the ‘save as PDF’ or ‘print to PDF’ option, depending on your browser.
  • Make sure personal information in your returns, for example, national insurance and passport numbers are correct before submitting.

User research

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