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Changes to tenancy agreement fees from 1 September

If you rent your home from a private landlord or letting agent, there are certain fees you do not have to pay. If your landlord or letting agent charge you for these fees, they are breaking the law and will be fined.

If your tenancy agreement started before 1 September 2019

If your current tenancy started or was signed before 1 September 2019, you will need to continue to pay the fees in this tenancy.

If your tenancy agreement starts after 1 September 2019

If you agreed a tenancy agreement after 1 September 2019, there are certain fees that you will not have to pay.

Fees you will not have to pay

  • signing a contract tenancy agreement
  • renewing a tenancy agreement
  • requesting a check list about the condition of the property and items within it before you move in (known as an inventory fee)
  • accompanied viewings
  • fees when you move in (known as check in fees)
  • fees when you move out (known as check out fees)
  • administration fees
  • inspection fees when moving out

Payments you have to pay

  • rent
  • security deposits (if required)    
  • holding deposits to reserve a property (if required). This is refundable and you should not pay more than one week's rent
  • late payment of rent or breach of a tenancy agreement (known as default payments)
  • council tax (if this is part of tenancy agreement)
  • utilities, for example water, electricity (if this is part of tenancy agreement)
  • TV licence (if this is part of tenancy agreement)
  • communication services, for example internet, telephone (if part of tenancy agreement)