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Information on people with a learning, physical and sensory disability.

First published:
22 October 2014
Last updated:

Latest release

Data collection

Discontinuation notice

The collection and publication of disability registers data (SSDA900 and SSDA901) will cease after this release.

In its place, an annual person-level data collection for adults will commence from April 2023 alongside a refreshed person-level data collection for children. This is detailed in the Measuring Activity and Performance guidance, issued alongside the Performance Measurement Framework under the Code of Practice in relation to the performance and improvement of social services.

The new Adults Receiving Care and Support Census will mirror the Children Receiving Care and Support Census and offer additional intelligence on adults with a care and support plan, including more robust data on disability. This dataset has been developed through extensive stakeholder engagement and detailed guidance has been produced. The Children Receiving Care and Support Census has also been reviewed with refreshed data requirements for 2023-24.

To reduce burden on local authorities and not to duplicate data collections, the disability register returns are therefore no longer required after 2021-22.

It is anticipated that data from the new Adults Receiving Care and Support Census will be reported in spring 2025.

The person-level collections will not include people who do not have a care and support plan. Further information on disability within the general population is available from the 2021 Census results (Office for National Statistics).