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7. Movement reporting

You must tell the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) about movements within three calendar days. You must update your herd register within 36 hours.

Examples of cattle movements include:

  • a private sale where an animal moves off one farm and on to another
  • moving from a farm to a slaughterhouse, market, or showground
  • moving from a market or showground to a farm
  • moving between separate CPHs within the same farm business

Cattle must have the following in order to move:

  • official tags
  • valid cattle passport
  • no standstills or other movement restrictions are in force

You must also comply with the general licence conditions in Wales.

Cattle born or reared in the UK before August 1996 are subject to restrictions. You must apply for a licence from APHA to move them.

You can use any one reporting methods listed in Section Three to report your movements:

As the keeper, the responsibility remains with you to report any movements to BCMS within three calendar days.

Movement for sale and/or slaughter

Markets, abattoirs, collection and assembly centres will read and record the individual identities when the cattle arrive at their premises.

It is your responsibility as a keeper to:

  • provide the relevant animal details on the market/abattoir forms
  • record the ‘off’ or ‘on’ movement on BCMS
  • complete the appropriate fields in the passport
  • update your herd register with the movement details.