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4. Changes to site rules

Site owners can make changes to site rules. If you want to make changes, you must follow the steps below.

Step 1. Fill in a proposal notice form outlining changes to the site and reasons for them.

Step 2. Park home owner must fill in a consultation response form.  

Step 3. Send your form to park home owner with the outcome and decisions of changes to site rules. You must send the form 21 days after the consultation has ended.

Step 4. Notify and send changes to your local authority. (This is sometimes referred to as deposit of site rules)

Step 5. Fill in a notification of deposit of site rules form and display in an obvious place on the site.

If you remove some site rules, you must also notify your local authority.  You must fill in  a notification of deposit of deletion notice form and display it in an obvious place on your site.