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5. Pitch fees

Site owners can make changes to the amount they charge for land that park homes sit on. They cannot make any changes to the fee more than once a year. If you want to make changes known as a ‘pitch fee review’, you must follow the steps below.

How much should the pitch fee be?

Read our guidance about pitch fees. It explains your rights about increases to pitch fees.

Step 1. You must start the pitch fee review one year after the last review. If there is no date of the last review, the date will be when the fee agreement started.

Step 2. Complete a pitch fee review notice form

Step 3. Give completed form to park home owners outlining how much you want to increase the fees.

Step 4. If you agree to the new fee you will need to pay the new pitch fee from the agreed date.

Step 5. If the new fee is not agreed, you or the land owner can appeal to the residential property tribunal. Site owners cannot make you pay it.