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Local Authorities are required by law to issue licences for specific animal-related activities, with the aim of ensuring high standards of animal welfare. To help achieve this there is a requirement for licensing systems for pet shops.

The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (Wales) Regulations were debated and approved in the Senedd on the 23 March 2021 and will come in to force on the 10 September 2021.

To support these regulations, statutory guidance has been developed for Local Authorities to assist them with the licencing regime and pet sales aspect.
We would welcome your views and comments on the attached Guidance.

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These regulations alongside the statutory guidance have replaced Section 1 of the Pet Animals Act 1951 and will assist local authorities in granting licences subject to compliance with a set of standards. They will enable local authorities to inspect the premises, allow an appeals process to the courts in case of refusal or onerous conditions, provide that operating without a licence is an offence, and set out a number of disqualifications that are relevant to the local authority when assessing licence applications (such as a conviction for animal cruelty). They also permit a local authority to recover the costs for inspection, processing, and enforcement expenditure through a licence fee.

The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Animal Activities) (Wales) Regulations 2021 were debated and passed in the Senedd on the 23 March 2021 and come in to force on 10 September 2021.


We would like to know if you think the current draft provides enough information for Local Authority Officers when assessing applications and carrying out inspections, and for license holders in order to meet the required standards.

A crucial change to the previous license conditions of the Pet Animal Act 1951 is the prohibition of third party sales of puppies and kittens.

Your views and comments on the document are invited, particularly through your responses to the questions below, with any supporting evidence if available.


1. Do you think, as drafted, the business test provides enough advice to Local Authority officials? If not, do you have any alternative suggested wording?

2. Do you think, as drafted, the definition of a Rehoming Centre (Pet Sales guidance document, page 9) will ensure these premises will be able to continue rehoming puppies and kittens which have not been bred on the premises? If not, do you have any alternative suggested wording?

3. Do you think the species specific conditions in the guidelines are sufficiently comprehensive to ensure the welfare of these animals?

4. Do you have any further comments or suggested amendments?

Further information

Number: WG43188