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2. I want to convert my shop to a cafe (use class A3)

Planning permission would be required for such a material change of use as the proposed new use is a different use class within the planning system.

The majority of Local Authorities will have designated shopping or commercial areas within their planning policies which often contain policies on striking a balance of uses in an area.

Some authorities may have specific polices to retain a level of retail uses.

Permission will also be required for commercial extractor flues if cooking is intended to be carried out on the premises.

The placing of tables and chairs on the highway* is very likely to require a licence from the highway authority to allow them to assess factors such as pedestrian movements, sight lines and road safety.

Changes in signage are likely to require express advertisement consent.

While permission is not required for the change of use before work starts, if permission is refused the work will have to be undone and the authority may take formal enforcement action over a change of use without planning permission.

You may also require the consent of the landlord or landowner.

*Highway refers to footways and verges associated with publicly maintained roads.

Read the guidance on the use classes within planning.