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Explains the type of information which is published on Business Wales.

First published:
23 February 2022
Last updated:

What goes on Business Wales (core site, zones and subsites)

General business support. Information, advice, events and learning materials relevant to all businesses, including:

  • laws and regulations (including links to GOV.UK for non-devolved content)
  • business planning
  • training staff
  • funding, including Welsh Government Grants
  • marketing
  • exporting
  • IT and digital
  • Welsh language (for example Helo Blod)
  • Online courses (BOSS)

Targeted business support. Information, advice and events relevant to specific sectors or type of business, including:

  • construction
  • agriculture and forestry
  • food and drink
  • marine and fisheries
  • innovation
  • tourism
  • social enterprises or co-operatives
  • high growth businesses

Campaigns with a business audience.

Networks for businesses.

News and promotion of press releases.

Brief information that signposts to business related Welsh Government programmes or services.

What does not go on Business Wales

All Welsh Government information and services go on core GOV.WALES:

  • strategies, policy documents and action plans
  • consultations
  • advisory bodies
  • press releases
  • guidance
  • transactional services where businesses apply to the Welsh Government