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Explains the information for educational practitioners and learners published to

First published:
18 October 2019
Last updated:


Hwb provides a range of digital content and tools to education settings in Wales. This can support the transformation of digital teaching and learning practices.

What goes on

Hwb supports educational practitioners and learners to:

  • access a wide range of digital tools and resources
  • collaborate and develop their skills, to meet the needs of a wide ranging curriculum
  • implement Welsh Government policy

The Hwb platform provides:

  • a national identity for provisioned users
  • provide Hwb accounts to access a range of centrally-funded education tools and services
  • education resources
  • training or professional development
  • advice for practitioners, learners, governors, parents and carers
  • promotion opportunities to support practitioner development

What goes on GOV.WALES

Information about how the Welsh Government expects a school to be run.

GOV.WALES content includes:

  • Welsh Government information and content that helps users understand this information, such as policy documents, strategies, guidance, news or ministerial statements
  • Welsh Government programmes, initiatives, events and groups

It also includes content for sector audiences beyond educational practitioners. These include local authorities, regional consortia, teacher training providers and Estyn.


There may be a need to use Hwb authentication as part of initiative or event, for example recruiting volunteers for the Seren Network. In these cases content will be on GOV.WALES and the user passed to Hwb authentication at the appropriate point in the journey.