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Payments for children who start receiving Childcare Offer funded hours from January 2023 must be claimed for using this digital service.

Before you start

Your childcare setting must be registered with Care Inspectorate Wales (or Ofsted if you are based in England) to set up an account.

One lead person should register each setting on the new Childcare Offer for Wales service.

You should be a current member of staff with the authority to:

  • receive and disseminate information on the Childcare Offer service to other staff members
  • accept the terms and conditions and privacy notices
  • approve further staff members’ requests to join the setting

You’ll need to set up a Government Gateway account the first time you use this service.

If you are registered with Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW), you will need:

  • your setting’s CIW Registration number
  • your SIN (Setting Instance Number), find this on CIW online and CIW correspondence
  • the registered postcode of your setting
  • the bank account to receive Childcare Offer payments

If you are registered in England and therefore registered with Ofsted, you will need:

  • your setting’s Ofsted Registration Number (if you do not know your Ofsted number, please contact the Welsh local authority you usually deal with)
  • the bank account to receive Childcare Offer payments 

If you have more than one setting

You can register multiple settings on the digital service. You will need to register each setting individually. Once you have completed the registration process for the first setting, you will be presented with an option to register further settings.

Register online

After registering

Your registration application will be reviewed by your local authority. If approved you will be sent an activation PIN, use this to activate your setting.