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If you are an eligible care leaver taking part in the basic income for care leavers in Wales pilot we want to know how the basic income is affecting your life after leaving care.

What's the survey about?

Answering the survey matters, the more care leavers who take part, the better we can understand:

  • how the pilot is working
  • if something doesn’t work
  • how we can improve things

Eligible care leavers will be asked to do 2 surveys. We’ll ask you once in the month after you turn 18, and then again 2 years later.

There are 42 questions and will take around 10 to 15 minutes to finish it.

Do I have to answer the survey?

No, you don’t have to answer, but we hope that you will.

Your decision will not affect your access to money from the basic income pilot or any other services.

If you decide later on that you don’t want your answers included email

You will need to let us know within 6 months of answering the survey.

Who will see my answers?

The only people who will know what you say are the researchers. They are from Coram Voice (a charity that supports children in care and care leavers) the University of Oxford and CASCADE, Cardiff University.

No-one else will know what answers you give to the questions, unless you write that you are at serious risk of harm. If that happens, we will let your local authority know.

Once all surveys are finished, the responses will be made anonymous and may be used in other research studies.

Do I have to give my personal information?

The first 2 questions in the survey ask for your name and date of birth. The researchers will use these details to create a code which is unique to you.

This code lets the researchers compare your answers over time to see what difference the basic income pilot has made to your life.

Your local authority will not see your answers.

Who can I speak to about the survey?

The research team are happy to talk to you about the survey. For questions email

Or, if you are unhappy about something in the survey and want to complain, email

How do I fill in the survey?

You can fill in in the survey if you are leaving care and you turn 18 between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023.

Fill in the survey online.