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New scheme to help care leavers receive a set amount of money from government to cover basic needs.

First published:
24 August 2022
Last updated:

What is a basic income pilot?

This pilot helps the government find out what young people leaving care need. We will learn what receiving this new form of support means to young people, and what it has enabled them to achieve.

Watch our video for more information on the pilot:

How much money will I get and how long will I get it for?

As part of the basic income pilot, you will have £1,280 every month to spend on food, clothing and other things you may need. You will keep getting this money for 2 years after your 18th birthday.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in college or already have a job. It’s money on top of what you may already get.

This money is for you. If someone tries to control how you spend it, use it, or take it from you, talk to your Young Person’s Advisor or someone else you trust.

How can I take part in the basic income pilot?

You can take part in the basic income pilot if you are leaving care and you turn 18 between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023.

Your Young Person’s Advisor or Social Worker will automatically contact you to help you to work out whether basic income is right for you. They will also help you get ready to receive it.

Are there any rules?

To have the money you must:

  • live in Wales at the time of leaving care or have been looked after by a Welsh local authority whilst in care elsewhere
  • have a bank, building society or credit union account for the money to be paid into
  • give people the correct information and documents (including changes to your address, your name, your bank account, or other things)
  • include your basic income payments on forms that ask about your income

Also, some situations, like if you go to prison, may mean that your basic income payments are paused or stopped.

Will it affect other benefits?

Yes it will. Basic income will be instead of other benefits. Your local authority, Young Person’s Advisor or Social worker will help you work out what is best for you.

Find your local authority.

How you can help the basic income pilot?

If you’re taking part, we’d like to hear:

  • how it’s working for you
  • if something doesn’t work
  • how we can improve things

You can do this by speaking to your Young Person’s Advisor or Social Worker but you don’t have to give feedback if you don’t want to.