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Help for care leavers after taking part in the basic income pilot.

What happens after the pilot has ended?

You are now coming to the end of the pilot and you might feel worried about what to do after receiving your text or email. 

Don’t worry, there’s lots of help and support available to you. 

Watch our short explainer video:


You don’t have to deal with changes on your own. You have a right to support from your Personal Advisor and your local Leaving Care Team.

Your Personal Advisor is there to chat through any worries you have and help you. 

You can contact Citizens Advice through your Personal Advisor or your local Citizens Advice office. You can also contact an advocacy service such as Voices from Care Cymru for help at any time. 

To help you think about what happens next, use our checklist for each of these last stages. 

You can also take part in the "Your Life Beyond Care" Survey.