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Follow this guidance on the design of URLs on GOV.WALES.

First published:
25 August 2021
Last updated:

GOV.WALES URLs are designed to be user friendly, and to follow a consistent, predictable, format.

Follow these URL standards for GOV.WALES products, LLYW.CYMRU products, and their sub-domains. Separate standards apply to the use of the and by other organisations, for example local authorities.

URL style

URLs on GOV.WALES should:

  • be clear, unambiguous, easy to read, easy to type and easy to share
  • use lower case words
  • be related to the title of the page
  • be in the English language on GOV.WALES and the Welsh language on LLYW.CYMRU
  • not contain acronyms, unless very well known or a department acronym for example HMRC
  • use dashes to separate words so they are easy to read, for example (this might not apply if the URL is designed to be read aloud)
  • not include articles (a, an, to, the) and other superfluous words, for example use /benefits or /benefits-guides rather than /a-guide-to-benefits
  • use the verb stem, where possible, for example /apply instead of /applying
  • be based on user need rather than the name of a policy, scheme or service, which might change
  • not end with a slash, for example rather than

URL promotion

You must not promote GOV.WALES sub-domains. If you need to promote a site or service that has a GOV.WALES sub-domain, request a short URL that will re-direct to the sub-domain in the user’s browser.

Example: redirects to

If you need to promote a transactional service, you must promote the transaction start page on GOV.WALES.

Example: you would promote and this page would include a link to

Short URLs

Short URLs are redirects that help promote existing content. For example resolves to

Examples of where they are used:

  • clearly defined, permanent sections of the site that we need to promote offline
  • GOV.WALES campaigns
  • GOV.WALES microsites
  • GOV.WALES organisations

Short URLs:

  • do not use hyphens
  • use words specific to the content
  • make sense forever, for example you may need to include a year
  • must not be publicised or included in materials until you have approval by the Corporate Digital Team (CDT)
  • beginning or must not be used to re-direct a user to a non-GOV.WALES URL

Short URLs are reviewed and approved by the CDT. To request a short URL email and include:

  • the reason you need a short URL
  • the content or page the short URL will link to
  • how your short URL will be used in marketing and promotion

Short URLs are reviewed and may be deleted if they are not being used.

Service sub-domain URLs

The transactional part of our digital services will typically not be hosted on the GOV.WALES domain. It will exist on a GOV.WALES sub-domain in the form:


The ‘servicename’ part of this URL will be agreed between the Corporate Digital Team and the service manager. Dashes may be used to separate words where appropriate, but are not mandatory for service sub-domain URLs.

The URL must not include reference to any (current) policy, scheme or organisation, which is liable to change in the future.

Blog sub-domain URLs

We use WordPress for our blogs and host them on a GOV.WALES sub-domain in the form The ‘blogname’ part of this URL will be agreed by the CDT and the blog owner.