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31 March 2023

27 January 2023

25 November 2022

  • Update on the developments of the Future Generations Commissioner’s Section 20 Review and Welsh Government’s emerging plans for deepening the understanding and application of the sustainable development principle at the heart of how Welsh Government works.
  • Presentation from Welsh Government officials on the interaction between the Social Partnership and Public Procurement (Wales) Bill and the Well-being of Future Generations Act.
  • Update on the transition to the next Future Generations Commissioner for Wales from the Deputy Future Generations Commissioner for Wales.

23 September 2022

  • Presentation from the Welsh Government’s Principal Statistician on the Wellbeing of Wales report 2022, including a discussion on Wales’ national indicators.
  • Session led by the Forum’s business sub-group lead from the Future Generations Commissioner’s office.

22 July 2022

  • Discussion on sharing best practice between public bodies currently covered by the WFG Act’s well-being duty and additional public bodies under consultation for future inclusion.
  • Presentation on the Social Value Review by officials from CWMPAS.
  • Discussion jointly led by Welsh Government and the Future Generations Commissioner’s officials on collecting and showcasing examples of good practice and reflections on experiences.

22 May 2022

  • Updates from the Forum’s involvement, mentoring, and business sub-groups.
  • Presentation on Welsh Government’s review of public bodies subject to the WFG Act’s well-being duty in response to recommendation 7 of the Public Accounts Committee (5th Senedd) report Delivering for Future Generations – the story so far and recommendation 2 of Audit Wales’ report So, what’s different? Findings from the Auditor General’s Sustainable Development Principle Examinations.
  • Presentation on embedding the WFG Act in the support available to public bodies from Academi Wales and Welsh Government officials.

23 March 2022

  • The Minister for Social Justice, Jane Hutt MS, provided an outline of the Government’s recent actions on the WFG agenda.
  • Discussion on diversity in sustainability, including officials at Wales Environment Link, the Future Generations Commissioner, Sophie Howe, and officials leading on the Welsh Government’s Anti-racist Wales Action Plan.

28 January 2022

  • Discussion on diversity in sustainability, the poem A History of Invention, and how the WFG Act helps us overcome issues relating to exclusion and discrimination.

26 November 2021

24 September 2021

  • Discussion on the outputs of a review into the work of the Forum.
  • Discussion on how to develop the Forum as a space for collaboration with Welsh Government policy officials.

30 July 2021

  • Update on the WFG priorities of the new Welsh Government (sixth Senedd).
  • Update on the progress of the review of the forum.
  • Presentation from Welsh Government officials on the development of Wales’ national milestones.

17 March 2021

17 February 2021

  • Introductions from all Forum members.
  • Presentation from Welsh Government officials on the purpose of the Forum and its focus over the government term.
  • Discussion on the development of the Future Trends Report Wales 2021.