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Provides information about the Welsh Building Safety Fund and fire safety issue remediation in residential buildings of 11 metres and over.

First published:
28 November 2023
Last updated:


Fire Safety continues to be a priority for the Welsh Government. Our Building Safety Programme will ensure residents can feel safe and secure in their homes.

This guidance provides information relating to residential buildings of 11 metres and over in Wales, where there is now a route for every building to achieve remediation of fire safety issues which relate to the construction of the building.  The  costs for these works will not be passed to the leaseholders.

This applies whether the building is the responsibility of social sector partners, developers, or orphan buildings where there is no developer available to undertake remediation works.

Fire safety issues related to maintenance or leaseholder action remain the responsibility of leaseholders.

Qualifying leaseholders

In Wales there is not a ‘qualifying’ or ‘non-qualifying’ leaseholder, as all leaseholders are in scope for this support.  As such, there is no requirement to provide a certificate confirming they or their property qualifies for support.

Buildings covered by the Developer's Contract

Developers have signed up to a contract which commits them to address fire safety issues which relate to the construction of the building.

These developers have plans in place to undertake works at no cost to the leaseholder.

Orphan buildings and buildings not covered by the Developer’s Contract

Orphan buildings are those buildings that have no identified developer, the developer has ceased trading, or the building is over 30 years old.  These buildings will be supported through the Welsh Building Safety Fund.

For buildings constructed by developers who have not signed the Developer’s Contract, we will support those companies who cannot cover the full costs of remediation through the Welsh Building Safety Fund, whilst ensuring those who can pay, will pay. 

This will safeguard the social and economic benefits these developers bring to the communities in which they work. 

Buildings out of scope

There are currently no remediation plans in place for these buildings.

These buildings have been identified by the Welsh Building Safety Fund as being less than 11m in height as defined in Part B of the Building Regulations in Wales. 

As such, they fall outside the scope of current remediation plans.