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Today the Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) published Our Charter, setting out how it will share values and behaviours with taxpayers, representative bodies, partner organisations and the Welsh public to help deliver a fair tax system for Wales.

First published:
29 March 2018
Last updated:

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The WRA received more than 120 responses to its charter consultation including from organisations, such as FSB Wales, Low Income Tax Reform Group and Institute for Chartered Accounts in England and Wales.

Ben Cottam, FSB Wales head of external affairs, said:

“FSB Wales welcomes the publication of Our Charter ahead of the Welsh Revenue Authority beginning to collect taxes on 1 April. The approach to being supportive, as well as shared values and standards will be welcome news to the smaller firms who are transitioning to devolved Welsh taxes. This will be key to how the WRA operates in a manner that is approachable and helps firms to comply with their tax obligations.”

Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford, said: 

“The introduction of these 2 new taxes represents a significant milestone for Wales. Welsh taxpayers will want guidance and reassurance about how their taxes will be collected.

“The WRA’s charter sets out the joint responsibilities between the WRA, customers and the Welsh public for delivering a fair tax system in Wales.”

Dyfed Alsop, chief executive of the WRA, said:

“We are aware of the important responsibilities and opportunities we hold as a new tax authority for Wales. We wanted Our Charter to start to reflect how we want to have shared responsibilities, values and behaviours, as we work with everyone to help deliver a fair tax system for Wales.

“We have worked with taxpayers, representative bodies, partner organisations to help them through the transition to the new tax system. It’s vital this work continues and that everyone’s encouraged to have their say on this new charter which will support everyone.”

The WRA are going to continue engaging as they embed Our Charter; sign up and have your say.