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The Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) has today published its first corporate plan which sets out its focus for the first year as a new tax authority collecting and managing devolved taxes in Wales.

First published:
27 April 2018
Last updated:

Following the formal establishment of the WRA in October 2017, this corporate plan brings to life the 8 joint values set out in Our Charter.

Our Charter has led to the development of Our Approach - a new way of doing tax in Wales. The approach involves the WRA working in partnership with taxpayers, representatives and the public to deliver a fair tax system in Wales.

WRA Chief Executive Dyfed Alsop, explained:

“We want to continue to work closely with representatives and taxpayers to provide a service that’s tailored to their needs. We recognise that working together effectively is the best way to ensure that the right amount of tax is paid at the right time.

“Our Charter and Our Approach provide an excellent basis for how we can work well together. We appreciate the feedback we’ve had in developing this work to date and want to continue to work in an open and engaging way to ensure that Our Approach delivers on its promise to be a way of doing tax that works for Wales.” 

The WRA welcomes feedback on Our Approach and its first corporate plan:

Our Approach – A Welsh way of doing tax

Our Approach is described using 3 Welsh terms. For a full explanation of this approach, please read our corporate plan:

  • Cydweithio (keed-way-thee-o) – this means ‘to work together’ and carries a sense of working towards a common goal.
  • Cardarnhau (kad-arn-high) – this suggests a solid, robust quality that can be relied on. This is about providing certainty, being accurate and reinforcing trust.
  • Cywiro (kuh-wir-o) - this literally means ‘returning to the truth’ and is about the way we work with you to resolve errors or concerns.