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When and how to contact the First Minister.

The minister will deal with emails and letters based on their responsibilities.

If you wish to raise issues from multiple portfolios, please only write to one minister. You will receive a single response from the Welsh Government covering all of your concerns. You may write the to the First Minster if you issues cover multiple portfolios and you will receive a single response from the Welsh Government from an appropriate official or lead Minister covering all of your concerns.

You will not receive additional or faster responses by contacting more than one minister. Your correspondence will be combined and answered once on behalf of the Welsh Government. Accordingly, correspondence to the First Minister may be passed to the appropriate portfolio Minister or officials.

We will respond via email wherever possible (even if you have written to us in hard copy). You may wish to send us your correspondence by email only.

Please also check your junk mail or spam filters for replies – you may wish to add the domain to your safe domain lists to ensure that you receive our email responses.

We aim to reply within 17 working days. However due to the increased volume of correspondence currently being received, we may take longer.

We are unable to answer correspondence on non-devolved matters. These remain the responsibility of the UK government. Find contact details for the relevant departments.

Get help online

It may be faster to get help online, try:

If you wish to complain about an NHS service, you should contact the organisation who provides that service.


You can write to the minister at the address below. Do not send hard copies of emails.

Letters received through the post will be answered, but may take longer for us to respond to. We will answer by email where possible, so you may wish to email us instead.

First Minister of Wales
Welsh Government
5th Floor
Tŷ Hywel
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1NA