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Julie James MS, Minister for Climate Change

First published:
11 March 2024
Last updated:

On 14 November, we published the location data for disused category C and D tips in Wales. We provided a significant package of supporting information for people owning and occupying properties on land with tips and local communities and representatives. I have been encouraged by the strong engagement with this supporting information and the response from local communities. 

Today, I am publishing the location maps for the remaining categories of disused coal tips in Wales – category A, B and R tips. These maps are available at: Find disused coal tips

Category A, B and R tips are much less likely to impact public safety. Category A and B tips are typically lesser in scale and Category R tips often removed or levelled, and frequently built over.  There are more than 2,500 disused tips in Wales, and we believe it is important to be transparent about their locations with the public. 

As with the maps for category C and D tips, it is important to note that the dataset is subject to change due to the ongoing programme of work in this area, including the rolling inspection programme, which can detect changes in boundaries or result in changes to the categorisation of disused tips. 

Our coal tip safety programme is designed to safeguard communities living in shadow of these tips. Over the winter, inspections of category C and D tips have been completed and I am pleased no major issues have been identified. Local authorities will continue to lead on the delivery of any maintenance required as a result of the inspections, working with the Coal Authority and private owners as necessary. 

In 2023, the Coal Authority began inspecting category B tips – it has inspected approximately 220 to date and will continue inspections throughout this year.

In line with the commitments made in the First Minister’s legislative statement, we will introduce a Bill in the autumn to legislate for a long-term, sustainable, and fit for purpose regulatory regime for disused tip safety, to be led by a newly created public body solely focused on this work.