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Lowri Evans

Lowri is a dedicated and enthusiastic youth worker with a huge commitment to helping young people which shows through the energy and meticulous organisation and detail she puts into her working day, each and every day. 

Lowri is still a young person herself but as the deputy Principal Youth Officer in Ceredigion, she has already developed many new initiatives which have re-energised youth service provision in the county.  

Her ‘how to set up a youth club’ user guide has encouraged many community groups to establish new provision for young people particularly in rural areas. She herself has re-opened the Tal-y-Bont youth club in her own village after over ten years of closure and staffs this club on a volunteer basis every week. 

Young People’s judging panel comments: Lowri’s dedication inspired the judges – particularly her willingness to go above and beyond in her day job whilst also volunteering in her spare time at the Tal-Y-Bont youth club which she set up herself in response to local need.  

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