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#OurSpace #LleNi  - Valleys Kids, Rhydyfelin Youth Club and Sparc.

When the Rhydyfelin Youth Club based at Llan Centre was being closed due to the removal of funding the people involved got creative and raised awareness about the need for young people’s spaces in Wales and across the UK. This led not only to a visit to the Tate Modern in London to tell their story, but the start of a digital campaign to raise awareness of their club. As a result of this work the club was reinstated one night a week.

The young people involved in the project were all local to the club; some had faced school exclusion, suffered with mental health issues and experienced social isolation. Those involved with the project increased their ability to work with others, and their confidence to try new things and share their ideas. Additionally they gained practical skills in filming, interviewing and performing. 

The judges considered this an excellent example of a youth-led project which used digital media skills to run a successful campaign against closure of a local youth club.

Nominees video