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Abigail Gibbins - Volunteering Matters

Abigail is a youth work student who volunteers for Volunteering Matters’ Youth Social Action projects across Gwent and was the Volunteer Lead for the Youth-Led pilot project "My Mental Health".

She supported young people with additional learning needs (ALN) to develop an accessible toolkit that raises awareness of mental health and the importance of well-being for other young people with ALN.

Using her youth work knowledge as a student, Abigail facilitated sessions on mental health awareness and empowered the young people she worked with to develop user-friendly and eye-catching resources that they can understand. She also piloted and delivered peer-led workshops in youth centres and secondary schools and used the experience to create a business case for further funding for future initiatives.

The judges considered Abi’s efforts an excellent example of innovative youth work and great evidence of using young people’s own skills and experiences to develop the tool kit.