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Stuart Parkinson, Deaf Hub Wales

Stuart has been a youth worker for over 20 years. He is the lead youth worker based at Deaf Hub Wales, which has been the ‘safe space’ for deaf people in Cardiff and the surrounding area for over four decades. Stuart has ensured that the ethos of Cardiff Deaf Cool Youth Club is to ensure accessibility for all, and in particular for those who may have experience of isolation, marginalisation, exploitation or discrimination or those just taking the time to find their deaf identity.

Stuart assists in the emotional and psychological development of deaf young people by providing them with opportunities to meet strong deaf role models and to enjoy experiences that improve the quality of their lives. He works collaboratively with his team to create inclusive activities, information and resources - making things more accessible to deaf young people who use British Sign Language. Stuart ensures that quality youth work and support is offered to all. He often reflects on his own experiences as a young deaf person and shares how youth organisations like Friends of Young Deaf (FYD) made an impact on his life. He also works with volunteers involved in community projects and groups including Cardiff Deaf Creative Hands, Sunday Sign School, Deaf Arts Festival, Deaf Heritage Project, Deaf Energy Project, Deaf Pride & Pride Cymru, Sherman Theatre & Taking Flight Theatre. 

The judging panel highlighted Stuart’s breadth of experience, demonstrable impact and his long-term commitment, stating that his commitment to improving the lives of deaf young people is second to none.