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Cardiff Content Creators: Cardiff Council

The Cardiff Content Creators (CCC) program is an initiative spearheaded by Cardiff Youth Service’s digital team, offering digital skills training to young people aged 11-19 with a passion for content creation. The project led to ‘Young Creators’ - a platform for self-expression and collaboration. From reporting on events to crafting engaging social media content, young participants actively shaped their digital presence. This journey took an exciting turn with the involvement of Doug Green, a retired teacher from California who made three visits to Cardiff, leading workshops in filmmaking, editing, journalism, and photography.

Inspired by their American counterparts, Young Creators wanted to connect further. This dream became a reality through a live appearance on CHSTV, a school-produced programme reaching 3,000 viewers daily. This collaboration paved the way for a summer youth exchange, hosted by Cardiff Youth Services, where young people from both sides of the Atlantic built lifelong friendships and honed their creative skills.

“This exchange was truly unforgettable. I learned valuable skills, gained confidence, and formed lasting friendships” one participant said. Another, who came to Wales from Ukraine, said, “This camp helped me overcome my shyness and connect with people.” A parent adds, “My daughter surprised me with her newfound confidence and enthusiasm – something I hadn’t seen in a long time.”

The judges were impressed with how the project hit all Five Pillars of Youth Work, the innovation, collaboration, and impact on young people. They especially loved how the young people themselves had driven the research.