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Carmen Soraya Kelly: The Gloves Are On

Carmen Soraya Kelly has channelled personal challenges, including being mixed-race, living with a disability, and battling cancer, into a force for good, creating ‘The Gloves Are On’. Soraya supports children, young adults, and their families facing sensitive issues, from self-esteem and diversity awareness to navigating difficult situations, providing a safe space for young voices to be heard and nurtured.

Soraya’s approach aligns with the Five Pillars, fostering personal and social development, promoting inclusion and participation, and advocating for young people's rights. Her dedication to partnership working ensures a holistic and collaborative approach, connecting young people with the resources and support they need.

Soraya's passion resonates with the young people she serves. Their testimonies paint a picture of a leader who inspires confidence, champions their voices, and encourages them to have a positive sense of themselves, respect for others and a confident disposition. Their stories are a testament to the transformative impact of ‘The Gloves Are On’. 

The judging panel recognised Soraya's exceptional work, commending her for her personal story, her commitment to youth empowerment, and her dedication to building a brighter future for young people.