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Caroline Miles: Cardiff Youth Service

Caroline Miles’ Youth Work journey spans over 30 years since her qualification in 1999. Today, she manages the Cardiff Youth Service City Centre Post 16 Team, overseeing 10 full-time youth support workers. Caroline's leadership extends far beyond individual cases. Yet, it is in the transformed lives of young people that her true impact shines through. Her dedication to excellence and empowerment makes her an inspiration.

More than her impressive tenure, Caroline's unwavering commitment to the Five Pillars of Youth Work truly sets her apart. This dedication was recognised by the judging panel, who lauded her exceptional leadership and the lasting impact she has had on countless young people. They saw her as a shining example of excellence in the field.

The positive influence Caroline has on young people resonates through their testimonies. Their words paint a vivid picture of her mentorship, highlighting her encouragement of regular case studies that document and celebrate their successful journeys. These stories stand as a testament to her ability to empower young people and inspire others.