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CFTi: Cardiff Youth Service

CFTi, formed in 2022 from the collaborative spirit of Cardiff Youth Service, Urdd Gobaith Cymru, and Menter Caerdydd, stands not just for the city's postcode, but for the Welsh word ‘Ti,’ meaning ‘You.’ Since its inception, CFTi have delivered over 200 sessions, engaging with a staggering 5,333 young people. Their focus on the 11-13 age group, which constitutes two thirds of the sessions delivered, with additional programs for 14–16-year-olds, and beyond, ensures inclusive engagement, delivering activities across diverse needs. 

A massive 76% of young people involved with the project reported being "very happy" with CFTi's work. These figures are a testament to the group's dedication to delivering impactful and engaging programs. But CFTi's reach extends beyond their immediate interactions. Their active presence on social media, particularly through ‘young people takeover’ sessions, has resulted in an impressive reach across their online channels.

The judging panel recognised CFTi's innovative approach, their integrated system, and their adherence to the Five Pillars of Youth Work. They particularly commended the successful partnership model and the group's dedication to providing Welsh language options.