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Cynon Youth Forum

In Wales’s Cynon Valley, a vibrant group of young people come together regularly, not just to socialize, but to tackle real issues affecting their community and leave a lasting impact. The Cynon Youth Forum is a testament to the power of youth-led action. From organising the Pride event and advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, to raising awareness about domestic violence through the medium of poetry for White Ribbon Day 2022 and creating LGBTQ+ themed art exhibitions, the forum really is making a difference.

Beyond the impressive project portfolio, the forum’s impact lies in its inclusive and supportive environment. As a YEPO member, states, “They inspired the LGBTQ+ community to come together and celebrate diversity through a fantastic event… I felt so welcome and positive.” 

The judges were impressed by the impact the project had made and commended the forum’s innovative approach, commitment to equality and diversity, and strong adherence to the Five Pillars of Youth Work. The panel said the testimonies and video submissions really brought their work to life, showcasing the transformative power of youth-led initiatives. 

The Cynon Youth Forum is a beacon of hope and action in the community. By actively addressing local challenges and fostering inclusivity, these young leaders are an inspiration.