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Dominique Drummond: NYAS Cymru

Dominique Drummond, better known as Dom, started her journey with NYAS Cymru in March 2022 as a volunteer Peer Mentor and later joined the Newid Project, providing mental health support to young people. Her lived experience as a care leaver proved invaluable, making the helpline a vital resource for young people seeking support. Now, a paid Project Worker in Project Unity, Dom demonstrates how personal experiences in care can be turned into positive forces, providing intensive support to young parents and helping them to engage with professionals and services, keeping families together.

Young people paint a powerful picture of Dom's impact, describing her as a calming and safe presence, someone who listens without judgement and gets things done, easing their anxieties. Dom helps them find their voice and feel valued, evident in one young woman's transition from feeling isolated to finding community through Project Unity cafes. Most importantly, Dom inspires self-belief. One young person, now a peer mentor themselves, says, "Dom made me realise that if I believe in myself, I can do anything." 

The judging panel recognised Dom's effectiveness across all Five Pillars of Youth Work, emphasising her impactful work and the inspiration she draws from her own care leaver background. They applauded her efforts to influence the Welsh Government and her ambition to become the next Children's Commissioner for Wales