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Egija Cinovska: YMCA Swansea

Egija Cinovska, Young Carers Coordinator at YMCA Swansea is a passionate advocate and champion for the young people she serves. For seven years, her dedication has driven the service forward, providing invaluable support to young carers aged 8-18.

Egija understands the unique challenges these young people face, whether managing disabilities and illnesses or coping with substance abuse and mental health conditions in their loved ones, their burdens are often invisible. Egija and her team create a nurturing space where young carers can find respite, connect with peers, and access crucial support.

This commitment to youth-led advocacy extends beyond YMCASwansea’s walls. Egija tirelessly champions the cause of young carers on local, national, and even global platforms. Whether lobbying policymakers or influencing wider conversations, she ensures their experiences and needs are heard loud and clear.

Young carers speak of Egija's unwavering support, her ability to create opportunities, and her genuine kindness. Colleagues praise her exceptional leadership, her mentorship, and her commitment to their well-being. She's described as a friend, a confidante, and an inspiration.

The judging panel praised Egija’s Youth Work approach and her commitment to the Five Pillars, and said the many testimonies included in the nomination were evidence of excellent leadership.