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Her Voice Wales: Vale Youth Service

Her Voice Wales is more than a project; it’s a movement powered by young women aged 11-18 in the Vale of Glamorgan. This initiative aims to tackle gender inequality head-on, equipping young people with the skills and confidence to become champions of equality in their communities. The project provides a safe space, allowing young women to share their thoughts, concerns and experiences, empowering them to challenge gender-based issues within their communities.

In response to feeling unsafe due to poor lighting or experiencing harassment at train stations, the group launched the #WEDONTFEELSAFE campaign in 2022. The campaign helped identify concerns, raise awareness, and equip young people with tools to handle street safety. Funded by Plan International UK’s Young Changers Grant, the project was also supported by partners like Safer Vale, South Wales Police and British Transport Police.

The judges commended the project’s collaborative spirit, cross-age partnerships, and youth empowerment principles, recognising the project’s wider impact and positive change-making potential. The most powerful testament to the project’s success lies in the words of participant: “A highlight that sticks out to me is the Inspire Days with Plan UK, specifically our trip to London. I loved seeing the work that other young people had done, and I loved the creative workshops. I have made lots of friends and memories in this project. Thank you!.”