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Kelly Powell: YMCA Swansea

Kelly Powell is the LGBTQ+ Coordinator at YMCA Swansea working with young people aged 11-25. Through her leadership of the LGBTQ+ Youth Support Service, she has transformed it from a simple club into a haven of inclusivity.

Understanding the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ+ youth – discrimination, prejudice, bullying, and mental health struggles – Kelly fosters a safe space where they can thrive. Her collaborative approach engages young people in identifying needs and shaping the service's direction. The result is a range of initiatives that address these challenges head-on, from workshops on identity and relationships to mental health support and social events. "Kelly has personally made me feel safe and confident in myself," shares one young person, "reassuring me, giving me advice with my issues, and just listening." Another describes her as "a really important member of the GoodVibes team," praising her ability to keep everyone connected and supported.

Kelly's commitment to inclusivity ripples outward, promoting understanding and acceptance within the broader YMCA community. Her dedication to data-driven service development ensures its growth remains aligned with the needs of LGBTQ+ youth.

The judging panel recognised Kelly's exceptional leadership, commending her for her collaborative approach, her dedication to creating a safe haven, and the life-changing impact she has on young people. They saw in her a rising star, a leader committed to inclusivity and empowerment.