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Mary Argent: Wrexham County Borough Council

Mary Argent is a school-based Youth Worker at Ysgol Grango; where she's a trusted confidante, and a champion for young people navigating adolescence. With a holistic approach, Mary supports students aged 11 to 16+ through individual sessions, group workshops, and accredited programs. From personal struggles to academic hurdles, she collaborates with the school and external agencies to ensure each young person reaches their full potential.

Mary brings a sense of community and belonging by organising fun activities like sports groups during breaks and lunches. A Year 9 student, says, "Mary has made school a better place. She gives us a place to go, helps, and has even started a sports group to help with our confidence." Parents like the one of a Year 9 pupil praise her ability to connect with their children: "Mary has helped my daughter understand her anxieties and deal with her feelings. I can't thank her enough for her work."

The judging panel recognised Mary's commitment to going above and beyond. They commended her initiative in implementing changes beyond her role, transitioning into this field, and leveraging learnings from her past experience. They particularly appreciated the organisation's recognition of Mary's strengths and dedication, valuing her unique contribution to Youth Work.