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Mullany e-Mentoring

Imagine navigating the world of STEM careers from a disadvantaged background, lacking personal connections in the field. That’s where Mullany e-Mentoring steps in, bridging the gap for young people aged 14-19 across South Wales.

This flagship project of the Mullany Fund empowers aspiring individuals through its innovative digital platform, Mentora. Mentora pairs young minds with experienced professionals and students in their chosen STEM fields, fostering valuable connections and education. Mentors become beacons of experience for young people who might not otherwise have such access. This breaks down
barriers and broadens horizons, driving ambition and exposing participants to new career possibilities.

The programme tackles the issue of limited social diversity in STEM professions head-on. By ensuring access to industry insiders regardless of background, Mullany e-Mentoring champions a more inclusive future. Student testimonials speak volumes: “My mentor is amazing, she provides the necessary recommendations and helps guide me in the right direction,” shares one participant. Another reflects, “This project made me realise hard work will pay off.”

The judges recognised the project’s merit, praising not only the career guidance and good experience they offer but also the ongoing support available to young people and their families.