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Peer Action Collective Cymru: Media Academy Cymru

Led by Media Academy Cymru, PACC isn't your average youth project. It throws the most diverse and outspoken young people (15-24) into the heart of policy and government. This audacious approach resonated with judges who praised PACC's success at tackling equality, diversity, and inclusion (E&D) issues innovatively innovation, impact, and commitment to Youth Work's Five Pillars. The panel were impressed by the project’s reach which has extended to diverse and hard-to-reach groups.  

PACC's true power lies in transforming young lives. A young person who found his voice and purpose said: "Since PAC, I see my strength and ability to change society". For some, like PACC provided a platform to advocate. As a gay male facing bullying, one participant found solace and agency. "My work at PAC has helped me understand other young people," he shares. Their film on LGBTQIA+ violence, screened across Wales, brought the stark reality of discrimination to light. He reflects, "Many audience members cried, finally understanding the devastation caused."

PACC doesn't stop at awareness. The participants and their peers ensured their voices "mean something; mean change is possible." With hundreds of young people, they developed a framework demanding action from those in power to address discrimination and its harmful consequences. PACC empowers young voices and dismantles barriers. It's where young people can proudly declare, "I am proud to be gay," knowing their voices are driving positive change.