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Refugee and Asylum seeker Youth Group: Newport Youth and Play Service

The dedicated team at Newport Youth and Play Service (NYPS) launched a bespoke project to support often isolated, young refugees and asylum seekers arriving in Newport. Understanding the crucial role of safe spaces and community connections, NYPS empowers these individuals as they navigate their new environment.

This collaborative project directly involved the young people; co-creating sessions that blended engaging activities with essential information sessions. This ensured the project addressed their specific needs and concerns, offering support with integration, independent living skills, education, training, and employment. Recognising the importance of partnerships, NYPS teamed up with Newport Social Services to foster positive relationships between young people and professionals through engaging sessions.

The impact of this project resonated far and wide. Not only did the young people benefit from the holistic support, but their families and the wider community felt the positive effects as well. Peer-to-peer support, older youth mentoring, and strong community relationships were key highlights praised by the judging panel. Notably, this dedication to collaboration earned NYPS a ‘Levelling the Playing Field’ award, solidifying their exceptional Youth Work practices. This project stands as a testament to the power of community, empowerment, and collaboration in supporting vulnerable young people, navigating new beginnings.