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Robert Keetch: Media Academy Cymru

Robert Keetch (50) left behind a successful retail career to embrace his true calling - supporting young people facing peer-on-peer violence. Inspired by the mantra "You're never too old," Rob is a trustee for Safer Wales and Pride Cymru and leads ‘Cerridwen’, a voluntary engagement initiative working to deter potential arrests by opening dialogue around sensitive topics like violence and conflict. 

The young people Rob works with paint a vivid picture of his influence. One young person appreciates Rob's ability to connect on a personal level: "He met me on my terms, kept his promises, and even gained my mum's trust. He helped me make better choices without judgment." One said: "I recommended Rob to my friend struggling at home. He listens without judgment and helped me reduce my weed dependency, making me think differently." Another acknowledges Rob's challenging yet impactful methods: "Rob challenges me, which can be annoying, but it makes me think and avoid stupid stuff. He even got me into college!" 

The judging panel were impressed by Rob's dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to continuous learning. Rob’s passion for MAC shines through his dedicated representation of the organisation and his advocacy for the core principles of Youth Work and partnership engagement make him a real rising star!