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Torfaen Young Parents: Torfaen Youth Service

Torfaen Young Parents, born from the vision of Torfaen Youth Service is a haven for young families facing challenges. Recognising the unique struggles of young parents – from mental health concerns to social isolation – the project aimed to create a sympathetic haven where they could thrive.

With a grassroots approach, Torfaen Young Parents created a nurturing community within the welcoming walls of a church hall. This safe space, free from judgment, drove connection and provided individual support tailored to each parent's needs. From guidance on personal development and employment to mentorship opportunities, the project equipped young parents with the tools to navigate their journeys with confidence.

The judging panel praised the project's wide-reaching influence within the community, and its innovative approach to youth empowerment. Stories like Young Person A, a once anxious young mother who blossomed into a peer mentor and qualified Youth Worker, showed the project's transformative power. The panel particularly admired the emphasis on skill development and leadership, evident in the peer mentoring program and qualification opportunities offered to young parents.

Torfaen Young Parents leaves a lasting impact on individuals and the community as a whole, reminding us that even amidst challenges, young parents can flourish when given the right support and opportunities.