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Tsion Teferi: Ethnic Minority and Youth Support Team

Tsion Teferi is a volunteer at EYST, bringing warmth and support to young people from diverse backgrounds. Her typical day revolves around creating a welcoming space for them to express themselves through art, games, and conversations. Beyond the arts corner, Tsion plays a crucial role in keeping the club organised and clean, ensuring a comfortable space for everyone. Her multilingual abilities prove invaluable in a community rich with cultural diversity, translating from her native language into English, facilitating understanding and connection. 

The impact of Tsion's is clear from the heartfelt testimonies of the young people she supports. They describe her as "part of the EYST family," a source of "happiness, kindness, and more support." Young Gabi echoes this sentiment, "I love going to the club and spending time with Tsion, she's my favourite, we make art together and I really like her." "She made me happier and made me come to EYST all the time," says one. "She is so funny and smart." "It's great to have a balloon fight with Tsion.. She is the best person ever I reckon," add others.

The judging panel recognised Tsion's exceptional commitment, commending her engagement with young people, her embodiment of the Five Pillars of Youth Work, and her dedication to cultivating a multicultural and supportive environment.