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Urdd Gobaith Cymru

Urdd Gobaith Cymru spans all corners of Wales, collaborating with a huge number of partners, from local authorities and universities to national institutions and media outlets. This vast network
empowers them to deliver a diverse and impactful experience for young people.

Urdd’s commitment to innovation shines through initiatives like mapping Welsh language provision, hosting Europe’s largest arts touring festival for 77,000 young people, producing 70 hours of television and 198 live streams to celebrate youth achievements. They offer residential courses in everything from acting and music to scripts and DJing, fostering creativity and confidence.

But Urdd’s impact goes beyond entertainment. They provide overseas trips, promote peace and goodwill, and ensure a presence in every Welsh county to address local needs. They even run a national apprenticeship program and Street Games initiative, opening doors to opportunities and building healthy communities.

“For my personal and social development, I think my ‘ability’ to speak in Welsh has been greatly improved,” shares a young participant from Cardiff, highlighting the lasting impact on language skills.

Judges acknowledged their impressive partnerships, youth empowerment principles, and wider impact on the language’s future. As one young person from Gwent expressed, “Thank you for talking me into coming on the course. I don’t think I would have stayed without you.”