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Voices from Care Cymru: National Advisory Group

The National Advisory Group (NAG) within Voices from Care Cymru (VfCC) is bringing young care-experienced voices to the forefront in Wales. This amazing group is comprised of individuals aged 14 to 25 from diverse backgrounds within the care system. Each member brings their unique lived experience and knowledge, dedicating three years to making a tangible difference.

NAG operates on three fronts - internally, they work tirelessly to ensure VfCC’s support effectively reaches and amplifies the voices of children and young people in care; externally, they champion inclusivity by planning events and activities that foster a strong sense of belonging and community within Wales’ care-experienced population. Through impactful partnerships and advocacy, they influence policies and services, pushing for change and improved support for young people across the region.

One NAG member said “I am able to voice my opinion on my care experience. As I still live with those in care, I can be their voice to highlight their experience too. I have gained confidence in speaking
with people I don’t know, and I am more independent as I have travelled without my parents for the first time. I am more inclusive and have learnt about other communities, like LGBTQIA+ which is great.”

The impact of NAG extends beyond its members. A designated representative carries the group’s voice to the Welsh Youth Parliament, ensuring voices from care are directly woven into national conversations and driving change at a wider level.