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Explains what funding is available to get faster broadband.

First published:
13 September 2021
Last updated:

We want homes and businesses in Wales to be able to access fast and reliable digital connectivity. To find out more about what we are doing in Wales, read our Digital strategy for Wales.

Most homes and businesses across Wales have access to good quality digital connectivity. We have invested significant public funding to help achieve this through our roll-outs of fibre broadband technology. 

Before looking at funding options use Openreach’s address checker to find out if you already have access to a fast broadband service. 

If fibre broadband is available you need to upgrade to get faster speeds. Your current broadband won’t change unless you upgrade. Find out how to order a fibre broadband service.

There are other suppliers that have broadband networks in Wales. Check directly with broadband providers or through price comparison websites.

If fast broadband is not available at your property, there are other options for getting the broadband speeds you need. You may be eligible for financial support to install faster broadband.

Project Gigabit

Digital connectivity and telecommunications policy is the responsibility of the UK Government. The UK Government has set ambitious targets to deliver full fibre broadband to 85% of properties in the UK by 2025. They are delivering in Wales through their flagship £5 billion Project Gigabit programme.

Visit the UK Government’s website for more information on Project Gigabit.

Local authority broadband plans

Some local authorities have broadband engagement officers who can help you with your questions. There are also local authorities that have their own broadband roll-out plans. We developed a Local Broadband Fund aimed at local authorities and social enterprises to help them deliver these plans.

Contact your local authority to check if you are included in local broadband plans.

Solutions for communities

If your property is near other homes and businesses that need faster broadband speeds, you could come together and find a community solution. “Near” may be relative in a rural community but joining up with others might still be the best option to get faster speeds. In the first instance we recommend you talk to your neighbours to find out demand, generate interest and see who else in your community can help.

You should look at the different technology options for getting faster broadband to find out the best option for your community. You can also gain inspiration from real life community broadband solutions.

Support may be available from the UK Government to connect rural communities to gigabit capable broadband.

Find out more about the UK Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme.

Funding for individual properties

If you are not part of a community needing faster broadband there are options available for individual properties.

The Universal Service Obligation (USO) is a UK Government initiative designed to give households and businesses the legal right to request a decent affordable broadband connection. Ofcom are responsible for implementing the USO with delivery by BT.

Find out more about the Universal Service Obligation on the Ofcom website.

Further information about the USO, including an eligibility checker, can also be found on the BT website or by calling 0800 783 0223.

Our Access Broadband Cymru scheme also supports solutions for homes and businesses by providing grants to fund the installation costs of new broadband connections.

Technology Options

Many properties use fibre based connections but new technologies are being developed to connect homes and businesses.  If you cannot currently get a fast broadband service, you should consider all the solutions available, these include:

4G broadband solution

Properties may be able to access a fast broadband connection through a 4G router. It doesn’t mean using a mobile phone and you don’t need cables or a phone line. Attaching an external antenna to the side of your property can give access in areas where a 4G signal isn't strong indoors. Ofcom has a mobile availability checker that shows local signal strength. Unlimited data packages are available from a number of providers. Visit individual mobile operators’ websites to compare tariffs.

Fixed wireless

An antenna is used to pick up a broadband signal from a mast to deliver broadband to your property, eliminating the need for cable or phone lines. 

Satellite connection

A satellite transfers data to and from a dish attached to your property to bring you broadband. This provides superfast download speeds and should be available everywhere. New technologies such as Low Earth Orbit (LEO) or Next Generation Satellite can provide speeds of over 100Mbps. Unlimited data packages are available.